Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 goals

no need besides motivation:
spend more time on the wii fit
flatten stomach by july 1st
get to the library and start reading again
teach ruka to stay, bark, growl and shake
learn a full song on the guitar and piano

money required:
own a betsey johnson dress
rain gear [including jacket and boots]
buy an air purifier
get rukas shots/fixed up
ransack ikea in its entirety
backstage passes to a concert
a whole lot of green tea ice cream
get at least one tattoo
a faux leather jacket
some nice boots
obtain my customized MAC palette

a little money and motivation required:
make something worth selling and/or get a job
learn spanish to fluent extent
collect work appropriate clothing [1]
open a checking/savings account
recreate vintage dress [strapless, lace, boning, and all]
finally make those mood boards/displays of my magazine clippings stash
start and keep up my herb garden
to read East of Eden at least ten more times
make skirts & tops
trip to san fran
count the licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center
paint an oil painting

general goals:
wholehearted, under-emphasized recognition and praise
to know my faith in mankind should be restored
to cry from sheer joy
hire margaret braun to design my wedding cake
take a vacation i never want to come back from
make enough money to not give a rats behind


i just joined an informal book club! im just going to learn how to decorate cakes like margaret braun. also, my stomach is flat enough; im going to focus on lowering my body fat percentage instead.

i am so tired of the wii fit. id really just like to get more into yoga. ruka got her rabies shot recently and we are going to get her other shots and get her fixed within the next two months. yay! i will also be buying east of eden next week. i will also get my hands on a tootsie pop somehow. and i am not waiting any longer for a tattoo; im buying one with this 300$ ish money i have left!

oscar and i took ruka to get her shots so she should be covered until this time next year. also, my mom bought me an outfit for a job interview that is actually a great pair of, i guess, slacks and a peach top that is really nice. didnt get the job but oh well.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

target haul

and i felt really stupid saying that, like it should be said with a huge smile and silly high tone of voice before i ramble about things i dont need. this will be different because i needed most of it. whats better is that most of it was also on sale, so hurray for me and my deals for poor people.

first, and most boring, is the new pillow i got that is huge and fluffy and squishy and clean and amazing. my sleep is totally going to improve because of this pillow-- id bet on it!

second would be the eight new pairs of boy shorts i got for $2 each! weirdly, though, was that pretty much every color and style was full and only of large and xl. i did so good because i wanted at least a weeks worth and i got an extra one!

and lastly is the stuff i did not need: the makeup. i had a coupon for lipstick so i just had to use it. i actually got two lipsticks and a blush. the lipsticks are from revlon; one is a colorburst and the other is a super lustrous. i was a little sad because the super lustrous one was an amazing pink color, Luminous Pink, but i just realized its shimmery and i am not a shimmery makeup kind of girl. I am keeping it because it was only $5 and i may use it sometime later. The colorbust shade is AMAZING! I got it in Lilac [001] and it looked like an intense purple on the back of my hand but it came off so sheer on my lips and they still feel soft and its actually a very flattering color on me. I am so happy with the lipstick . . . . Also, the blush i got was one of those little covergirl cheekers ones. I was actually going to get this purple-y color that im mad i didnt get cuz itd match this lipstick so well, but i ended up getting the blush in classic pink and the sheer color is so so cute on. Im definitely going back for the purple shade if i dont end up splurging on a matching shade at MAC.

and thats it. i felt like saying it somewhere because i am so happy about it. hopefully i can go back and get more of these lipsticks soon . . . .

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

oh, the horror

since when does skanks r us carry the same clothes as nasty gal ???? this is sad. i also wanted this dress when i saw it on nasty gal. now i am a little turned off to know some fake barbie out there is also wearing it.


[named=slice and dice dress]

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i am sitting here, mid-laundry, thinking. i am in one of those moods where i go through everything i can remember and try to figure out what i have really done with myself. nothing ever comes up. i have no direction, no real passion, no clear goal, not one building block. i always thought id have immersed myself in something, grand or not, by now. i do nothing with myself. i wonder how much time i have really wasted. how much time has been wasted this week, let alone the last few years. how do you even restart? how do i really begin a process that takes so much time and energy to evolve into something of substance? i am so far behind. so stuck in this groove i have become so used to. i want to experience life already. i want substance in my days. i want something to come home from. something i am constantly working at, towards, from, around, with, whatever. i want more.

i am sitting here, a little more excited about tomorrow.

Monday, March 22, 2010

harper's bazaar & british vogue

heres what i pulled out:

sunseeker swimwear: malia mills
stripe dress & jersey top: alice by alice temperly
mark newson furniture
ysl long lasting nail laquer in flaming orange
women for women international tshirts
antonio berardi corset
teacup set: royal albert
opi nail polish: samoan sand
revlon nail polish: one perfect coral

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

candle burning

i have always been a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and i also believe that when we add value to something, it becomes that much more real. ive also read up on a lot of wiccan practices in my youth and, i could never dismiss the practices of any person[s] simply based on my beliefs, ive found one practice especially intriguing.

ive decided that i need to re-center myself spiritually. i will be practicing various forms of yoga to help relax and center myself but i think that candle burning will be a sort of icing on the cake of reinvention. it serves as prayer or potpourri burning or meditation in the sense that you focus on what needs to be accomplished and the action is more of a vessel to help you be more focused in positive thinking.

in the books ive read, it is recommended that you have an altar or any place reserved only for candle burning. this makes perfect sense, since focus is required it is obvious that designating a serene spot is best. i do not quite have an area but i can make due with what space i do have. ive also read in many sources that making your own candles strengthens the power of the candle burning. this, too, makes sense since personal effort goes into each personalized candle for each wish or thought being focused on.

i can hardly wait to make my own candles and realign myself and my ka

and, if anyone is interested, there is some info here

Saturday, February 27, 2010

oh, moving units

your lyrics say it all. every song so similar but so different. all laced with a sort of ironic sense of happiness and easiness, but in reality so so depressingly realistic. youve covered every situation, havent you? you know me personally, right? i sort of hate you. and yet, how could i?

I'm sorry I can't afford you
It's so messed up anyway
I'm sorry I can't reward you
It's so messed up either way

But in another time and in another place
I wish I could tell you to your face
You went in circles- what a waste
Cuz I'm the one you need

I saw the future
I made it up
We were tea leaves in a tea cup
Paper hearts
We tore the tissue
Ripped apart and now I miss you

But in another time and in another place
I wish I could tell you to your face
You went in circles- what a waste
Cuz I'm the one you need

and then

Am I going too fast
I never wanted to waste the gas
You wanted to go there
I wanted it too
And now we're all in a cast
They say in Heaven the first shall be last
But that was a comeback
For people who dream that we're angels
We're so vain

I know it's never the same
We'll never be that golden
Everything was arranged
But now the party is over
I know it's never the same

Every crime needs a victim
(Maybe it's you maybe it's me)
Now it's time that we picked one
(I`m hoping it's you i`m hoping it's me)

I wanna go too fast
I never wanted to wait to relax
I just couldn't do that
And now the moment is past
Like a stone that's been thrown through the glass
And all that's left is a trace of the place we used to call home base
I see it in your face what a waste
We'll never be the same
We'll never be that golden
Everything was arranged
But now the party is over
We'll never be the same

We are a tale of two cities
Lost, drowned in a world of self pity
Can't you see we're not winning
Lost, drowned in a world that keeps spinning

In a world that keeps spinning around

at which point i sigh

It's so clear now, I'm understanding
And the furniture, matches the ceiling
But was different than, you had expected
Will you pardon me, I wasn't elected

I know it's difficult, so
I will be patient
I guess we have to aspect
If it's okay, yeah
I'll make it easy for you, what a disaster
Maybe it's better off this way

Better off this way

It's a task and then, when you complete it
Were you lonely when, I wasn't needed
Cause it's natural, to feel unfaithful
When you're going to, be anyway

I know it's difficult now, but you can try to
Was it worth all the fuss, 'cause, I feel so seedy
I'll make it easy for you, what a disaster
We couldn't go wrong, any faster

I never wanted anything
I never wanted anything
I never wanted anything
I never wanna
I never wanna
I never wanna
ah-ah, ah-ah,
ah-ah, ah, ah

aaaaaaand i bid you goodnight

please, let me be a girl again.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

this makes me happy

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

pre-season bikini hunting

words cannot describe how badly i want the pink/black bathing suit featured in this salt n pepa video...

and wtf is this?

it is hilarious is what it is.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

they looked better on my camera screen

dont you hate that? does that even happen to anyone else?

maybe if i post them as thumbnails...

yeah, they look better as thumbnails. told you

Friday, February 19, 2010

will be remaking these myself

bouquet print dress
gun dress

<3 you betsey!

ps: ill post pictures

ugh want her

eyes, hair, face, everything


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

freewrite #1

obviously i would get run into a wall while trying to finish laundry. thank you, sandy. now my elbow is bleeding and i have a raspberry the size of a tennis ball to accompany it. also, because i am parched, i lifted my full cup of cranberry juice to find a small fly floating on the juice's surface. how did i ask for this bad karma?? well, i mean, i think i know but it still sucks. i also have not been paid for any of the going on six weeks ive babysat. its putting a bit of a dent in my financial aid account, but what can i do? i could very well get a job, you say? duh. im planning on looking for one before/during/after my spring break. itll be several months before summer so even if i dont get hired ill have time to get something seasonal. what a drag to work during summer though. spending all of those optimal beach hours indoors catering to people. but that store discount has me drooling too! and its a good thing ill be getting a paycheck because most of my check will definitely go into that store discount. dont judge me. and, as ridiculous as it seems to review something on my blog, i have to say that ive been using a few mario badescu products for a while and i just have to comment on the results. i got the aloe lotion, which is a cleanser/toner, from the badescu website. the bottle says its for combination, dry, and sensitive skin types so it should definitely work for my combination, sensitive skin. when i apply it, the is an odd smoothing effect that always surprises me and after using the toner my skin feels really tight and smooth. i am completely going to complain about the day effects though. it says to apply moisturizer after the toner, and i do along with some makeup, but after about 3-6 hours my skin is super super oily. honestly, my skin does get oily after a period of time but it is usually more like at the end of the day or under harsh weather and not right before i leave the house in the morning. i think it is clearing up my skin though so i guess ill just have to figure out some lotion/makeup combo to fix the oil. and my english teacher just sent me the homework response this morning so im going to get to reading now. sucks that its due tomorrow but whatever. i did lag it on emailing her and i was wasting time today. sigh

[five minutes]

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

career assessment& crazy gifs

Your Career Diagnosis: Graphic Designer

Salary Information: $30,600 to $53,310

Education Requirements: A bachelor's or an associate degree in graphic design This usually takes about 2-4 years to complete.

Job Availability: In 2006 there were 261,000 Graphic Designers.

Job Summary: You will be expected to perform tasks including develop the overall layout and design of web sites, magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports, and other forms of media.

Why You Would Make a Good Graphic Designer: You are very good at coaching and mentoring others, and enjoy giving constructive feedback. You have a knack for organizing projects and solving problems in an innovative way. Your ideal work environment is orderly, yet provides opportunity to work on a variety of activities. It is also important for you to have quiet, private work space.

Other suggestions in this field:

Creative Director

Salary: $94,353

Job Summary: The creative director oversees the copy writer, art director, and their respective staffs.


Salary: $18,680 to $38,730.

Job Summary: Produce and preserve images that paint a picture, tell a story, or record an event.

You can also consider these other careers, in different fields that also fit your personality: literary agent, internet marketing manager, lawyer, therapist, writer, counselor.

thank you!

i knew it was meant to be! vogue, here i come!

also, id recommend this career assessment test because, as i've proved, it is insanely thorough with recommendations, and i loved how it did not ask me many direct "what do you like to do" questions but rather "how do you work best" questions to assess personality. very cool.


how insane. full set here

Friday, February 12, 2010

how depressing and creepy

i just posted about alexander mcqueen wednesday and was so so saddened to learn that he took his life just yesterday.... i hadnt known about his mother's passing, but alas it is one big tragedy...

i guess i will never be able to attend an alexander mcqueen show after all =[

The British fashion industry lost one of its brightest stars yesterday with the apparent suicide of Alexander McQueen, who was found hanged at his Central London home.

The designer, 40, had been grieving over the death of his mother, Joyce, who died on February 2.

He announced the death of his mother on Twitter. He wrote: “I’m letting my followers know that my mother passed away yesterday if it she had not had me nor would you RIP mumxx.” He later added: “But life must go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

By Sunday he had apparently rallied and wrote: “Been a ****ing awful week but my friends have been great but now I have to some how pull myself together and finish with the HELLS ANGLES & PROLIFIC DEAMONS!!!!.”


to a true artist, you will be dearly missed. this world will not be the same without you. rest in peace.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

oh my god, these shoes


also, i know im a bit late on the whole line
but here are the videos of his spring show

how cute is he at the end of the show being all awkward and not quirky looking whatsoever when he actually produces such over-the-top gorgeous clothes...

and btw, how insane would it be to attend one of his shows? i think id like to add that to my "things id love to do but will never get the chance so it'll remain a fantasy" bucket list.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

recent online purchases

i am now officially waiting for the following items:

keep-safe book
makeup bag
achor necklace
and this exchange

[helping myself keep track]

Friday, February 5, 2010

blog makeover & exciting news

i just re-vamped my blog's appearance! do you like it? do i like it??? haha no, i do. i think i do . . .


[disclaimer:alice in wonderland is my favorite disney movie of all time. OF ALL TIME! i have read all of the related books and enjoyed the original alice in wonderland:through the looking glass movie and i love everything about the movie and story. I LOVE ALICE IN WONDERLAND!]

sooooo, you can imagine i would very much like to see the new alice in wonderland movie being released on march 5th.

Thanks for ordering from!
Your purchase information appears below.


Movie: Alice in Wonderland: An IMAX 3D Experience
Date: Sunday, March 7, 2010
Time: 7:00pm

Quantity: 2 Adult

Where: Edwards Long Beach 26 & IMAX
7501 East Carson Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90808
Phone: 562-429-3321




and in case you have not seen the trailer i will provide it below

ok, so embedding has been disabled so here are links

trailer #1
trailer #2

Monday, February 1, 2010

beyonce and gaga

so i love the song Telephone. here is the Telephone video with both singers.

[the first 45 seconds can be skipped]

first, i get that the song is featuring Gaga so she should not be the focus of the video but what is with her not showing up til 2:30? that sucks. and second, whats with the ketchup and mustard heels--bad choice. and also, HOW EFFING SEXY DOES BEYONCE LOOK IN HER LATINA INSPIRED LOOKS????

aaaaand here is the Telephone video's parody that got me laughing out loud. seriously, much respect for both women and i love the music and everything but this shizz is undeniably funny...

and, lastly, a nod to Gaga's version which i also enjoy

[skip to 23 seconds]

Thursday, January 28, 2010

good mood

[so heres a spontaneous list of some of my likes/dislikes]



002.spunky and/or sprightly azn teens who may or may not like indie music

003.the random cheeky/mousey/nerdy girl that passes by who is just gorgeous

004.when my bangs dry just right on their own

005.catching up with people you like and havent seen in a while

006.when said people keep talking about nonsense just to keep talking

007.when i have cramps and my 600mg+ of aspirin finally kicks in

008.wingstop late at night with some tv and kisses


001.when people chew with their mouths open, especially while talking

002.that one kind of awkward creepy guy who just doesnt get it

003.streaks in hair; does it ever really come out right? ever? math80 class requiring me to be self-motivated; sigh

005.math in general above an algebra1 level; it is not necessary

006.not ever seeming to have enough hours in the day to finish things

007.the fact that i don't own the fifth element movie and just realized it

008.i dont think i can wait another hour before oscar gets here

said cheeky/mousy/nerdy girls


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

accidentally fell in love

so i was thinking about a cute tattoo that would embody my passion for creating via sewing. i literally googled 'sewing needle' and drew this a minute later. now im thinking i might get this inked. even though im not a fan of arm tattoos because of the whole serious job thing, im like 75% sure i want this

ahhhh i love beautiful mistakes

Monday, January 25, 2010


mix between claudia schiffer and maggie gyllenhaal, right?
proof? ok

iiii knooow right?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

mah goodies

oh i am excited to share!
UO pkg came today & picked up my blazer


and some sweet bicycle material for making into the tank top pictured at right [ill post pictures of that when i make it]

Monday, January 18, 2010

oh, also,

not that anyone really reads my blog and none of my potential readers are rich or anything, but totally feel free to buy me things off my forever 21 wishlist


and i wont count this extra post today towards my resolute goals of at least ten a month

i am officially excited

Of course a new week ensures new experiences and new things to learn and new adventures to be had-- and new clothes to buyyyy! So of course I would be especially excited to know that this grey/gray blazer id previously posted about

[to clear up mystery]

is now available at Foreign Exchange and is waiting for me, personally, in a small and behind the desk.


Friday, January 15, 2010

speaking of emeralds,

look how gorgeous these wedding rings are . . .

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

call me crazy

i am going to get married in a green dress and i want my wedding ring to have an emerald stone in it. ive been thinking about different aspects for a while and last night in my art history class one of the paintings just did it for me.

Jan Van Eyck painted this picture, entitled "Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife". The green wedding dress symbolizes Pagan beliefs of a woman's natural power of fertility. I flipped over how amazing this is and totally want to be celebrated as the powerful and natural being that i am on the day i am legally and spiritually bound to my partner.

About the ring, the diamond has been a long favorite in wedding rings and i am not completely sure why. it seems more and more to be a representation of status and wealth and the size of the rock seems like a way to evaluate the worth of a relationship.


The emerald stone symbolizes love, happiness in marriage and loyalty. I cannot think of a better fit stone to be embedded in a ring i will be wearing the rest of my life to represent being married.

[end post]

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


[in order of thought]

01. get at least one tattoo
02. flatten stomach by end of may
03. get at least a B in my spring classes
04. get prima down here during summer
05. fly a kite
06. save at least $100 of financial aid
07. get a job

[ten minutes later]

08. obtain customized MAC palette
09. put another million neopoints into my bank account
10. open a real bank account for that matter
11. count the licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center
12. finally get ruka fixed
13. teach ruka to stay, bark, growl and shake
14. paint an oil painting
15. learn a full song on the guitar and piano

and how about

16. write at least 10 blog entries a month

so there. pictures to accompany resolutions upon completion
and i absolutely miss this woman: