Wednesday, March 10, 2010

candle burning

i have always been a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and i also believe that when we add value to something, it becomes that much more real. ive also read up on a lot of wiccan practices in my youth and, i could never dismiss the practices of any person[s] simply based on my beliefs, ive found one practice especially intriguing.

ive decided that i need to re-center myself spiritually. i will be practicing various forms of yoga to help relax and center myself but i think that candle burning will be a sort of icing on the cake of reinvention. it serves as prayer or potpourri burning or meditation in the sense that you focus on what needs to be accomplished and the action is more of a vessel to help you be more focused in positive thinking.

in the books ive read, it is recommended that you have an altar or any place reserved only for candle burning. this makes perfect sense, since focus is required it is obvious that designating a serene spot is best. i do not quite have an area but i can make due with what space i do have. ive also read in many sources that making your own candles strengthens the power of the candle burning. this, too, makes sense since personal effort goes into each personalized candle for each wish or thought being focused on.

i can hardly wait to make my own candles and realign myself and my ka

and, if anyone is interested, there is some info here