Monday, February 1, 2010

beyonce and gaga

so i love the song Telephone. here is the Telephone video with both singers.

[the first 45 seconds can be skipped]

first, i get that the song is featuring Gaga so she should not be the focus of the video but what is with her not showing up til 2:30? that sucks. and second, whats with the ketchup and mustard heels--bad choice. and also, HOW EFFING SEXY DOES BEYONCE LOOK IN HER LATINA INSPIRED LOOKS????

aaaaand here is the Telephone video's parody that got me laughing out loud. seriously, much respect for both women and i love the music and everything but this shizz is undeniably funny...

and, lastly, a nod to Gaga's version which i also enjoy

[skip to 23 seconds]