Thursday, January 28, 2010

good mood

[so heres a spontaneous list of some of my likes/dislikes]



002.spunky and/or sprightly azn teens who may or may not like indie music

003.the random cheeky/mousey/nerdy girl that passes by who is just gorgeous

004.when my bangs dry just right on their own

005.catching up with people you like and havent seen in a while

006.when said people keep talking about nonsense just to keep talking

007.when i have cramps and my 600mg+ of aspirin finally kicks in

008.wingstop late at night with some tv and kisses


001.when people chew with their mouths open, especially while talking

002.that one kind of awkward creepy guy who just doesnt get it

003.streaks in hair; does it ever really come out right? ever? math80 class requiring me to be self-motivated; sigh

005.math in general above an algebra1 level; it is not necessary

006.not ever seeming to have enough hours in the day to finish things

007.the fact that i don't own the fifth element movie and just realized it

008.i dont think i can wait another hour before oscar gets here

said cheeky/mousy/nerdy girls