Friday, July 31, 2009

funny people


and hells yeah to seth for being pretty foxy. i know the entourage is hating on him and some of his chubby fan-base is feeling betrayed, but you gotta give it up for the man. cmon . . .

FOXY-er fo sho

and this made me LOL so you will see it now. also, for those who do not get the parody, look it up yo.

career choices

as of late ive been thinking a lot and sort of siphoning out my options, if you will. i do have a few careers in mind that may or may not allow me to pursue more than one at the same time [which would be completely amazing for me]

ive more or less narrowed it down to the following:

fashion designer
interior designer
wedding planner
and i really want to do spreads for a fashion magazine

also, i really want to get my certification in cosmetology, massage, and business just to have them for whenever.

i mean, i think i could work in all of those professions at some point so for now ill see what interests me most as i go. i really want a college plan though...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a few things id like in my lifetime:

a guy to dedicate a song to me
to go on a date i didnt plan
to read East of Eden at least ten more times
a night out partying with friends
backstage passes to a concert
a vacation i never want to come back from
some decent abs
a whole lot of green tea ice cream
my feet to be on foreign soils
a perfect day and night at the beach
a few more cups of overdue starbucks
enough money to not give a rats behind
wholehearted, under-emphasized recognition and praise
to keep friends as close as they should be
to know my faith in mankind should be restored
to cry from sheer joy
a best friend to be old and senile with

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

holy ocean

On record, humans have explored up to 10,916 meters (35,814 feet) deep, to Challenger Deep in the Marianas trench, which is the deepest known part of the Earth's oceans. That trench is the deepest known part of the ocean because we do not have the technology to explore further.

I do not know when more of the ocean will be explored but i can only hope that it is very soon because it really freaks me out that the ocean covers so much of the earth and we do not know what is in there.

ALSO, its hard not to have a mini freak out thinking that all of those stories from the sea could be true. all the stories about amazing monsters could very well be true and that something super crazy is actually happening at the bermuda triangle.

Everyone saw what crazy things washed up after the tsunami and what crazy things are being found washed up and uncovered in foreign countries. these creatures are probably out there and could be, unbeknown to us, plotting to attack us for ruining their environment.

So until what is in the water is found, and possibly made peace with, i will not be taking a cruise or traveling by boat any time soon to avoid such peril.

and just saying, newborn kangaroos are 3/4 of an inch long so our giant squids could be their newborns. think about that next time youre in the ocean and cant see the ocean floor.

which means today

i would start a day's post an hour after the day officially starts. also, to start the day off right, i will review forever 21's new arrivals in a perez hilton fashion.

actually i just looked over the new arrivals and the three items i like are in the pajama section. i doubt i am the first to say this but seriously id bet a ridiculous amount of money that no one in their right mind would ever buy a piece of the "exclusively ours" forever 21 collection. i hope the designer of those clothes gets a pat on the back tomorrow with my regard for having exclusive rights to those clothes, because there ain't nobody else who wants them. so congrats

ummm no thank you.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

no worries

i am seriously lagging on posts but there will be one tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

holy cow

so that thing they say about eyebrows framing your face IS TRUE! my mom has been penciling her eyebrows on for decades and i always knew they were unrealistic but oh my gosh.

i decided to show her what normal eyebrows would look like, because her wedding is coming up and she wants to get nice eyebrow makeup for the day and pictures. [what she normally draws is on your left and what i drew is on your right fyi]


her face is shifted a tad more towards the camera on the right [her left] and her clipped up bangs are actually not perfectly aligned, but everything else concerning her face is normal. she is not tilting her head whatsoever. how insane is it that this one [imperfectly drawn] eyebrow made the whole half of her face look like 5-10 years younger??? her eyes look bigger and more open, her cheekbone is more defined, her cheeks look tighter, and i dont even know what else but these results are completely fabulous and a little mindblowing!

crazy . . .

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

note to self:

watch The Boat That Rocks sometime in the near future. looks brilliant

snacking habits

last time i went for groceries i decided to opt for some healthier snacks that have really been doing the trick. my absolute favorites include the following: multi-grain wheat thins, french onion sun chips, almonds, and dark chocolate. i swear by these snacks doing good. they are so filling and easy to eat slowly because of the robust tastes. plus, besides being super filling, they have this light feeling about them as if you hardly ate anything at all.

so yummy

Friday, July 17, 2009


i LOVE instyle magazine for this . . . i just found an old magazine clipping that had a url to a body shape finder that also shows you clothes to wear.


also, because you were wondering . . . according to instyle, my body type is closest to an hourglass like kate winslet. so i guess i was right about having a mini hourglass frame.

and fyi, my stats are 5'7, 127lbs, 35-27-35. so boooyah

my body type

i have tried so many times to figure out my body type according to all of the magazine-provided body type issues. i really want to dress for my body type and it is a little frustrating not knowing what kind of clothes to wear.

pretty much my torso is a few inches longer than my legs, my shoulders and hips are the same width, id say i have a mini hourglass thing going cuz my waist is thinner than my hips/shoulders, and more on the petite side.

i always feel so blah in clothes though. anything even slightly baggy makes me look so thick and shirts always fit too short or too loose on me. its so discouraging. i feel like stores should arrange clothes according to body types. im serious; if i have a store one day im going to arrange by body types to make everything simple. ill be the one to reinstate a love of shopping in the world

lets see a picture vs body shapes image

baby hourglass? lol but really am i like a pear with smaller hips or what? cuz i feel like a banana mostly and thats so boring. i need tim gunn to help me =[


my mom bought me two packs of the wonderhangers [technically] last night, and my review is that they are amazing! the clothes do sit a little at an angle but i mean obviously they would. and my closet space has actually been doubled. i cannot remember if they promise doubling or tripling of space so im content with the space being saved.

it cost 10$ for 8 wonderhangers at bed, bath and beyond. i suggest if you have space issues in your closet to definitely take advantage of this deal...

Monday, July 13, 2009


ladybugs everywhere! how beautiful and yet bizarre/creepy. also, im a little disappointed hardly any had spots on them

and what the heck were those squids doing? poor things . . .

and what is the deal

this weather has been so hard to get through. and im scared of being outside in the sun so my option is pretty much being in the shower all day. im not really against sweating cuz its just water weight, but man is it inconvenient to have to shower before going out. and it gets pretty stuffy in my room since the breeze doesnt come in my wide-open windows. thank you architect . . . i knew picking the room with carpet would have a downside somewhere.

i would be glad it is summer and i can wear a bathing suit literally 24/7 but id rather not start a trend following lindsay lohan's lazy-bikini-every-day style. blegh

and it may just be me but i really saw a chubby transvestite here and was startled. i mean, its not just me right?

diet experiment

so i got my ID in january and i weighed 135lbs.
my average weight lately has been is 127lbs.
my old goal was to get to 125 lbs.

i think ill try for about 120lbs. and see how i feel
im also tracking my calories to see how much i eat daily
as well as what exactly it is im eating
good thing some cardio will go a long way

helloooo beach bod ^__^

Thursday, July 9, 2009

worlds ugliest dogs

uhm maybe worlds cutest dogs... besides ruka of course

alright well

im still going to make a background myself, but i macgyvered this one for now that i kind of like a lot actually

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


im really hating my blog layout and white background, so ill be making a background that will be up in a week or so.

so peacock feathers

125k searches on google for peacock feather tattoo. ive always found peacocks to be beautiful, but peacocks were never really my favorite animal. the feathers highlight this summer's fashion and tattoos have really boomed. im not ragging on it at all, but rather highlighting a couple of my favorites from google.

and, just saying, oh my gosh

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

thank you subway,

i believe it was on TMZ that someone stated michael phelps deserved a hit after winning eight gold medals in the olympics. im not into the whole scene and i definitely do not condone smoking, but i really disagreed with all his sponsors pulling out because of that photo. so, thanks subway for not being "all gay about it".

oh king of the hill,

even though i hardly followed seasons, i find your take on the white american both very funny and intelligently satirical. i will be sad knowing there will be no new episodes beyond the couple that might be made to properly wrap the show.

and, actually, i just found out that brittany murphy and mo collins are voices on the show. that is completely awesome.

Monday, July 6, 2009

magic herbs

so i recently read that these herbs have awesome effects on the body and id like to share them with you now

1. Rosemary
Rosemary contains volatile oils that help stimulate brain activities and increase brain alertness. One compound it contains, cineole, has been found to enhance the ability of rat to navigate mazes. So skip the harsh coffee and spice up your energy level with rosemary. Rosemary also aids in digestion and perks up your immune system. Steep it as tea, use in your poultry dishes and soups--or just crush some up to fill your home with an energizing scent.

2. Mint
Peppermint has many well-documented properties: It increases healthy gastric secretions, relaxes the intestines, soothes spasms, settles the stomach, and alleviates gas. In a culture marked by poor diet and digestion--and the heartburn that comes with it--peppermint can be your best friend. Additionally, peppermint is rich in antioxidants that support good vision and also cleanses your liver, helping to eliminate harmful toxins from your body. Steep peppermint as a tea and drink it a half an hour after mealtimes for untroubled digestion.

3. Oregano
When you're suffering from cold or flu, steep oregano in a pot of water and inhale the vapors, which are antibacterial, antiviral and decongesting. This immunity-enhancing herb also settles digestion and prevents bloating.

4. Sage
Chinese traditional medicine has long used sage to help prevent the loss of mental function that comes with age. Sage has been found to increase oxygen to the brain cortex and to help improve concentration. Sage is easy on the digestion. Cook it up in soups and poultry dishes.

5. Chives
A member of the garlic and onion family, chives have been used throughout history for natural healing because they contain a substantial amount of vitamin C as well as essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron and folic acid. In Chinese medicine they are used to clear stuffy noses, prevent bad breath, ease stomach aches, strengthen the lower back, and improve poor circulation that gives you cold hands and feet. Chop up chives and add them to stir-fries or mix in with ground poultry to stuff ravioli or dumplings.

6. Basil
A favorite herb in Italian cooking, basil's scent can perk up your energy level and it is filled with luteolin, a bioflavonoid that studies have shown to be the best protection of cell DNA from radiation.

7. Cilantro
Cilantro is an energy tonic that can boost your immune system and smooth out your digestion. Use it in your cooking to get its health benefits.

8. Parsley
Parsley is used in a Chinese folk remedy for cooling the liver and clearing the eyes. Parsley is packed with luteolin, and there is some evidence that this helps protect the eye from UV radiation damage and from glycation, a process in which sticky sugar molecules bind up protein, potentially damaging the retina. The age-old folk remedy recipe for vision protection is a juice blend of celery, peppermint, and Chinese parsley, made fresh daily.

Grow Your Own
To grow your own herbs, all you need is some terra cotta pots with drainage holes, high-quality organic potting soil, and a window sill that gets at least six hours of light per day. A southwestern-facing window is your best choice for good light. If this isn't possible, you can get a few clamp-on reflector lights with compact fluorescent bulbs and place them about six inches away from the plant. Keep in mind that overwatering is the biggest mistake people make when trying to grow herbs inside. The rule of thumb is to let the herbs dry out completely, and then water. Beginning with baby plants will be less troublesome than starting from seed. With practice, you will learn the best ways to grow and care for your indoor herbal garden.

big thanks to dr. mao, and heres to my new herb garden

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my inspiration

here are some little collages of clippings ive grouped together. im going to be making what i guess is art soon. some mood boards to be specific. i am really itching to start getting things on canvas