Wednesday, January 13, 2010

call me crazy

i am going to get married in a green dress and i want my wedding ring to have an emerald stone in it. ive been thinking about different aspects for a while and last night in my art history class one of the paintings just did it for me.

Jan Van Eyck painted this picture, entitled "Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife". The green wedding dress symbolizes Pagan beliefs of a woman's natural power of fertility. I flipped over how amazing this is and totally want to be celebrated as the powerful and natural being that i am on the day i am legally and spiritually bound to my partner.

About the ring, the diamond has been a long favorite in wedding rings and i am not completely sure why. it seems more and more to be a representation of status and wealth and the size of the rock seems like a way to evaluate the worth of a relationship.


The emerald stone symbolizes love, happiness in marriage and loyalty. I cannot think of a better fit stone to be embedded in a ring i will be wearing the rest of my life to represent being married.

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