Sunday, August 23, 2009

dear ray,

[as per myspace]

i think im going to wait to rent that movie
for no particular reason . . .
youd better get to sleep soon
cuz nothing worse than long, bad work days
--besides being tired during long, bad work days

and thank you for the goodnight =]
so heres something nice to come home to;

i hope you smiled at least once

i dont care i dont care

when i dont want to cry my itunes plays the bird and the bee

love songs lie.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

translucent tub?

and it illuminates in several colors?
uhm, yes please.

im about to blow your mind

exhibit A:

exhibit B, C, D& E:

now, im not saying all these people love Along Came Polly as much as i do but cmon, credit is due where credit is due. yes? no? maybe?

i think so, and ill be the first to say ive wanted a blazer with rolled sleeves for a while. im getting on that sandy lyle train quicker than an attention whore gets drunk at a party

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

need college texts books?


get them while supplies last!

tell your friends!

i got my books with chegg!
[over exaggerated wink]

but seriously click the link, find the books, use and return them. its amazing and super cheap.


my schedule is pretty whack but on the better side. on the graph of whackness, my schedule is very low. i am happy about this. plus i get to see my pollo all three days im at school and ray two of the three. i dont know what could be better-- besides having them in my classes.

because i have no friends besides the woman in her forties who sits behind me in US history and who also coincidentally lives literally two blocks away from me on the same street. WEIRD BUT AWESOME!

anyways... i have 2k in financial aid on a credit card that needs to be spent. i pray i dont wander into a tattoo parlor anytime soon

Thursday, August 13, 2009

some reflection

i was so irritable earlier i was afraid to get on my own nerves. what an angry, bored mood that kept fueling itself.

so to get over that i was thinking about what my style is. i mean, my style fashion-wise. i watched this video earlier about taylor momsen's outfits she cant live without or whatever. she really does dress like a hooker for the most part. and i have to say i was wearing vintage slips years before she was so lol on her. anyways, i was thinking about how ive kind of been evolving clothing-wise and i wondered what my style was and is now.

i mean, of course i remember what it was. i was first inspired by those disney channel movies Zenon and Stepsister from Planet Weird. that sounds hilarious, i know, but those movies were the ish ok? in 1999& 2000, i watched these movies and it truly inspired me. zenon was just super awesome with her futuristic stlye going on and the stepsister, who was an alien, went to high school and ended up being the cool one and blahblahblah. the part that inspired me from that movie was her over-layering of clothing that she said was "to protect her essence" because she was on earth. and as a bright nine year-old i was completely in awe of how amazing that line was.

actually, i think i did coin that in high school with my semi-punk rock layering and brave choices. more people talked about me and knew me than i was aware of and even teachers remembered me for being unique and bright. people would stop me and compliment me and i was called everything from a hipster to someone worthy of being japanese...

and then senior year i went through some ridiculous personal things and it was like my style died and was reformed to this lazy kind of casual hippie. i mean, i would say i am a lazy hippie but it was weird that i now looked like some normal person.

so now almost two years later, mostly because i have no money for clothes, its like i have no style at all. im still kind of the lazy hippie but kind of trendy? i kind of hate it a little bit but i guess im not used to it. and i bet it comes with age too, but im drawn more to what is chic or elegant than to the protection of my essence. i mean, i could do both. im going to do both...

i think id like to protect my essence once again. essence does require protection; afterall, what would we be without our essence?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

back to school shopping

id like to do a little shopping mostly because i have no clothes, but because i want to feel good about being in public and at school. i deserve some nice clothes.

i mean, more or less. i really want them though. its funny that they only make good sweaters for guys. and yes i do want that tank top in both colors; i think its fantastic.

Monday, August 10, 2009

not so hot

so i know britney spears has gone back to blonde, which is great because shes always looked amazing as a blonde. i have to say a few other stars going blonde look completely ridiculous. and i will show you what i mean now:

wtf who even told these girls it looked good?? because those people should be fired and the three should go back to their normal raven, brunette and red locks pronto.


i absolutely love the beach.

i love how the sand feels so soft and warm. i love how the water is always so cold but never too cold. i love the soothing sounds of crashing waves, the birds and the people. i love stumbling across those perfect little shells that sit quietly almost as if waiting to be found. i love how the sun feels on my skin, and even how the wind slowly ravages my hair. i am an admitted beach bum and i could not be happier --unless, of course, i could be at the beach every day.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

i just found out

via top chef masters:

the lovely and talented ms. zooey deschanel

[who i would totally go gay for, because you asked]

is a vegan who is also glutan intolerant and allergic to soy. lord, that leaves one vast menu choice! and also, i am pretty sure ive been inspired to follow her diet based on how completely bomb she looks, how healthy it is in general, and i dont eat meat much anyways so it wont be much of a stretch. ill definitely try it out, if anything.

but yeah, fun fact for you there via me via top chef masters

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

home library?

uhm yes, please!

i think the ceiling to floor, full wall bookcase is simply divine, and i am entertaining the idea of that black case with the rainbow organization

ugh i need space to decorate

Saturday, August 1, 2009


i did do that exercising but there will be no beach tonight. its all windy and hot but cold. i dont even know. what i do know is i bought these bomb a$$ cookie spoons for my cookie loving bf. we are going to use them to eat ice cream =]

chocolate covered cookie spoons of love <3


this early bird is going to do some yoga and strength training on the wii fit before taking a nice walk around the park

and then some sweet beach time later for jennys bday

booooooyah ^__^

nine views?

who the heck is looking at my blog between midnight and 4am? i would very much like to know who it is actually if you want to leave me comments or something.

you awesome, crazy, fellow-nocturnal people

so these boots

are apparently all the rage. but only in stockholm and both of these girls are named caroline [that is so silly]

personally i dont love them. i was never really into the boots thing and this particular biker-elf pair isnt helping to sway my opinion