Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i so love my boyfriend

Monday, March 30, 2009

current plans

so with my 60-100$ a week for babysitting i plan to give oscar half straight away and the rest, minus 10$, will go into my bank account. Also, ill have oscar come by again in the next couple days to get that photo shoot going for my clothes i have left to sell. im really hoping someone buys something off me because i need the money pretty bad. that money will go straight into my bank account as well.

im planning to open an account with verizon and get that phone finally by the end of april. im just going to get the black envy2 because i hate every other option. i cannot wait for unlimited texting... ugh

Sunday, March 29, 2009

omg im going back to target next week to buy these things. it better rain this spring because i plan to look amazing

Saturday, March 28, 2009

i am so in love with etsy.com
check out these items im dying to buy

Thursday, March 26, 2009

i did that honey/mutmeg mask again tonight. it was on for over an hour and id put it on a bit thick this time. it felt so good while it dried and it came off leaving my face leaving so tight and smooth. i love it . . .

i have to take care of april and the puppy again in about 7 hours and i am not ready for it. i can have both of them together with me but one of them is always crying so i feel bad. i hope today goes as well as yesterday did. as long as april naps good i should be fine. im a little upset i have them from 8-6 though. its just so tiring watching them so long. it gets so boring and i just wait for things to happen. maybe we'll go for a walk. i can try at least.

and oscars coming by, which totally makes my day. we might go for a jog to tire me out. i really want to go the distance with it too if that isnt corny. i want to be really tired and then shower and just fall asleep too close to him. its so perfect in my head ^__^

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i gave the 30$ to oscar this morning. then i had too many hours of baby/puppy sitting. i am so drained and hungry. im worried that if i get comfortable ill fall asleep and not sleep tonight. that would be so bad since tomorrow is a full 9-5 sitting job. ugh i feel bad for my sister because she needs attention but i feel bad for the puppy cuz it needs attention. i do not have enough attention for both at the same time.

i want to sleeeeeeeeeeep -__-

Monday, March 23, 2009

so after a nice dinner and buying some personal hygiene products for myself my 80$ has dwindled to about 30$. i figure since i dont need anything else im going to make sure oscar gets that 30$ in the bank.

also, ive been looking around online at some clothing from designers and other people and im trying to get a kind of grasp on what i want to do with myself. i know a lot of designers get inspiration from people or events and i am interested in a lot of things but im not sure if any of it is 'new' fashionwise. and i am still finding more and more unknown designers making clothes that are so new and its not really daunting but im so down about my recent lack of creativity.

hopefully im inspired soon cuz momma needs to pay the bills. and make a name for herself. myself . . .

Sunday, March 22, 2009


90$ out of the garage sale. spent 10$ on some wing stop. well spent i think . . . now i got 10$ on gas and 20$ until the 3rd for food/misc purposes. so that leaves 50$ for bills this month. gotts keep that phone on and the creditors at bay you know

i have plenty of clothes and items left too. i have to see how much i can get for everything before i take that last resort of goodwill. it isnt that giving things away is a bad thing or something i dont want to do, but i prefer exhausting sources that leave me a little heavier in the pockets.

im going to be focusing on how i want to make my dress for my moms wedding. i need something about knee length and summery and saffron or a horizon blue. im hoping the blue because itll go better with my light skin tone. im not sure of i want it strapless or decent straps. definitely not a halter though . . . pretty much one of these.

Friday, March 20, 2009


so ive thought a lot about what id like to do to make money. i had the first thought of selling clothes or fixing clothes generally. id really like to rework vintage items. im hoping with some money im making soon that i can come up with a kind of sample that will appeal to people. i can see if publicizing goes well and hope that orders come in.

i really cant wait. im so excited

Thursday, March 19, 2009

garage sale

got a garage sale happening saturday. supposedly itll be cloudy with a high of 63 so i wonder how well itll go. we are selling a lot of my clothes as well as baby clothes, baby items, books, and random appliances along with knick knacks. everything will be pretty cheap too so good idea to come by.

i have also decided to have a sort of open closet event. im going to be giving people the chance to purchase items from my closet at higher prices. obviously because they are of more value to me. theres some pretty great stuff though so.

also, ive started the real adventure in pokemon silver. . . got my perfect team im trying to win the game with. super cool you know

heck yes!

Monday, March 16, 2009

i want

i want a lot of things. im hoping to collect them over time when i somehow come into enough money to indulge in wishful items.

1. 32 gb ipod touch
2. my urban outfitters wishlist
3. christian louboutin purple mesh pumps
4. steve madden booties
5. american apparel thick knit jersey short-alls
6. stencil 101 by ed roth
7. ceramic buddha incense kit
8. jade buddha pendant
9. a blue/red 09 saturn aura

the list will continue to grow. believe you me

Friday, March 13, 2009


i so want anne hathaways hair . . . well long with bangs really but hers is pretty much the perfect image

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


so ive decided, among working out, that i would like to officially start getting my ideas together to start production of clothing. ive wanted to sell clothing for a while and i think my head is full of enough ideas. i want to not only raise some money for school, but really get my thoughts out there making people happy and comfortable. i have no real plan as of yet but i have plenty of ideas. also, i do not necessarily have funds to put out a lot right now so ill probably be working a lot with what i have.

im thinking of doing some

simple alterations,
quick fixes,
maybe full construction

ill have some pictures up soon as a kind of look book.

i really need to get the word out on my stuff too. generate some interest. guess i can try myspace

Friday, March 6, 2009


going to downtown disney tonight with my awesome bf and one of my best best friends. gonna hang out and be cool and stuff. and i cannot wait for tomorrow. im all like ahhh . . . tomorrow is our one year anniversary!! a whole official year of bf gf time haha its pretty sweet. i dont have money to do anything though but i think itll be ok. just not awesome like i wanted it. which reminds me, i need to start making money. i have to do or sell something if i cant get a job. maybe even if i do get a job. i really need to get a job too.

ugh bitchass recession . . .

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


so since its the beginning of march i thought i should start that fitness. i want to pick certain days and general times to do everything.

im thinking wake up. get snack

jog from about 7-8
every weekday?

wii fit every weekday
mornings after jog

those crunchless abs and p90x
i think id do that after wii fit

then shower, eat again
start my day

sounds pretty good to me.

i want to drink lots of water obviously. i want to look into those special k drink mix things too. i havent decided where to jog either. im thinking just to this park and around the park a few times.