Wednesday, February 17, 2010

freewrite #1

obviously i would get run into a wall while trying to finish laundry. thank you, sandy. now my elbow is bleeding and i have a raspberry the size of a tennis ball to accompany it. also, because i am parched, i lifted my full cup of cranberry juice to find a small fly floating on the juice's surface. how did i ask for this bad karma?? well, i mean, i think i know but it still sucks. i also have not been paid for any of the going on six weeks ive babysat. its putting a bit of a dent in my financial aid account, but what can i do? i could very well get a job, you say? duh. im planning on looking for one before/during/after my spring break. itll be several months before summer so even if i dont get hired ill have time to get something seasonal. what a drag to work during summer though. spending all of those optimal beach hours indoors catering to people. but that store discount has me drooling too! and its a good thing ill be getting a paycheck because most of my check will definitely go into that store discount. dont judge me. and, as ridiculous as it seems to review something on my blog, i have to say that ive been using a few mario badescu products for a while and i just have to comment on the results. i got the aloe lotion, which is a cleanser/toner, from the badescu website. the bottle says its for combination, dry, and sensitive skin types so it should definitely work for my combination, sensitive skin. when i apply it, the is an odd smoothing effect that always surprises me and after using the toner my skin feels really tight and smooth. i am completely going to complain about the day effects though. it says to apply moisturizer after the toner, and i do along with some makeup, but after about 3-6 hours my skin is super super oily. honestly, my skin does get oily after a period of time but it is usually more like at the end of the day or under harsh weather and not right before i leave the house in the morning. i think it is clearing up my skin though so i guess ill just have to figure out some lotion/makeup combo to fix the oil. and my english teacher just sent me the homework response this morning so im going to get to reading now. sucks that its due tomorrow but whatever. i did lag it on emailing her and i was wasting time today. sigh

[five minutes]