Thursday, January 28, 2010

good mood

[so heres a spontaneous list of some of my likes/dislikes]



002.spunky and/or sprightly azn teens who may or may not like indie music

003.the random cheeky/mousey/nerdy girl that passes by who is just gorgeous

004.when my bangs dry just right on their own

005.catching up with people you like and havent seen in a while

006.when said people keep talking about nonsense just to keep talking

007.when i have cramps and my 600mg+ of aspirin finally kicks in

008.wingstop late at night with some tv and kisses


001.when people chew with their mouths open, especially while talking

002.that one kind of awkward creepy guy who just doesnt get it

003.streaks in hair; does it ever really come out right? ever? math80 class requiring me to be self-motivated; sigh

005.math in general above an algebra1 level; it is not necessary

006.not ever seeming to have enough hours in the day to finish things

007.the fact that i don't own the fifth element movie and just realized it

008.i dont think i can wait another hour before oscar gets here

said cheeky/mousy/nerdy girls


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

accidentally fell in love

so i was thinking about a cute tattoo that would embody my passion for creating via sewing. i literally googled 'sewing needle' and drew this a minute later. now im thinking i might get this inked. even though im not a fan of arm tattoos because of the whole serious job thing, im like 75% sure i want this

ahhhh i love beautiful mistakes

Monday, January 25, 2010


mix between claudia schiffer and maggie gyllenhaal, right?
proof? ok

iiii knooow right?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

mah goodies

oh i am excited to share!
UO pkg came today & picked up my blazer


and some sweet bicycle material for making into the tank top pictured at right [ill post pictures of that when i make it]

Monday, January 18, 2010

oh, also,

not that anyone really reads my blog and none of my potential readers are rich or anything, but totally feel free to buy me things off my forever 21 wishlist


and i wont count this extra post today towards my resolute goals of at least ten a month

i am officially excited

Of course a new week ensures new experiences and new things to learn and new adventures to be had-- and new clothes to buyyyy! So of course I would be especially excited to know that this grey/gray blazer id previously posted about

[to clear up mystery]

is now available at Foreign Exchange and is waiting for me, personally, in a small and behind the desk.


Friday, January 15, 2010

speaking of emeralds,

look how gorgeous these wedding rings are . . .

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

call me crazy

i am going to get married in a green dress and i want my wedding ring to have an emerald stone in it. ive been thinking about different aspects for a while and last night in my art history class one of the paintings just did it for me.

Jan Van Eyck painted this picture, entitled "Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife". The green wedding dress symbolizes Pagan beliefs of a woman's natural power of fertility. I flipped over how amazing this is and totally want to be celebrated as the powerful and natural being that i am on the day i am legally and spiritually bound to my partner.

About the ring, the diamond has been a long favorite in wedding rings and i am not completely sure why. it seems more and more to be a representation of status and wealth and the size of the rock seems like a way to evaluate the worth of a relationship.


The emerald stone symbolizes love, happiness in marriage and loyalty. I cannot think of a better fit stone to be embedded in a ring i will be wearing the rest of my life to represent being married.

[end post]

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


[in order of thought]

01. get at least one tattoo
02. flatten stomach by end of may
03. get at least a B in my spring classes
04. get prima down here during summer
05. fly a kite
06. save at least $100 of financial aid
07. get a job

[ten minutes later]

08. obtain customized MAC palette
09. put another million neopoints into my bank account
10. open a real bank account for that matter
11. count the licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center
12. finally get ruka fixed
13. teach ruka to stay, bark, growl and shake
14. paint an oil painting
15. learn a full song on the guitar and piano

and how about

16. write at least 10 blog entries a month

so there. pictures to accompany resolutions upon completion
and i absolutely miss this woman: