Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 goals

no need besides motivation:
spend more time on the wii fit
flatten stomach by july 1st
get to the library and start reading again
teach ruka to stay, bark, growl and shake
learn a full song on the guitar and piano

money required:
own a betsey johnson dress
rain gear [including jacket and boots]
buy an air purifier
get rukas shots/fixed up
ransack ikea in its entirety
backstage passes to a concert
a whole lot of green tea ice cream
get at least one tattoo
a faux leather jacket
some nice boots
obtain my customized MAC palette

a little money and motivation required:
make something worth selling and/or get a job
learn spanish to fluent extent
collect work appropriate clothing [1]
open a checking/savings account
recreate vintage dress [strapless, lace, boning, and all]
finally make those mood boards/displays of my magazine clippings stash
start and keep up my herb garden
to read East of Eden at least ten more times
make skirts & tops
trip to san fran
count the licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center
paint an oil painting

general goals:
wholehearted, under-emphasized recognition and praise
to know my faith in mankind should be restored
to cry from sheer joy
hire margaret braun to design my wedding cake
take a vacation i never want to come back from
make enough money to not give a rats behind


i just joined an informal book club! im just going to learn how to decorate cakes like margaret braun. also, my stomach is flat enough; im going to focus on lowering my body fat percentage instead.

i am so tired of the wii fit. id really just like to get more into yoga. ruka got her rabies shot recently and we are going to get her other shots and get her fixed within the next two months. yay! i will also be buying east of eden next week. i will also get my hands on a tootsie pop somehow. and i am not waiting any longer for a tattoo; im buying one with this 300$ ish money i have left!

oscar and i took ruka to get her shots so she should be covered until this time next year. also, my mom bought me an outfit for a job interview that is actually a great pair of, i guess, slacks and a peach top that is really nice. didnt get the job but oh well.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

target haul

and i felt really stupid saying that, like it should be said with a huge smile and silly high tone of voice before i ramble about things i dont need. this will be different because i needed most of it. whats better is that most of it was also on sale, so hurray for me and my deals for poor people.

first, and most boring, is the new pillow i got that is huge and fluffy and squishy and clean and amazing. my sleep is totally going to improve because of this pillow-- id bet on it!

second would be the eight new pairs of boy shorts i got for $2 each! weirdly, though, was that pretty much every color and style was full and only of large and xl. i did so good because i wanted at least a weeks worth and i got an extra one!

and lastly is the stuff i did not need: the makeup. i had a coupon for lipstick so i just had to use it. i actually got two lipsticks and a blush. the lipsticks are from revlon; one is a colorburst and the other is a super lustrous. i was a little sad because the super lustrous one was an amazing pink color, Luminous Pink, but i just realized its shimmery and i am not a shimmery makeup kind of girl. I am keeping it because it was only $5 and i may use it sometime later. The colorbust shade is AMAZING! I got it in Lilac [001] and it looked like an intense purple on the back of my hand but it came off so sheer on my lips and they still feel soft and its actually a very flattering color on me. I am so happy with the lipstick . . . . Also, the blush i got was one of those little covergirl cheekers ones. I was actually going to get this purple-y color that im mad i didnt get cuz itd match this lipstick so well, but i ended up getting the blush in classic pink and the sheer color is so so cute on. Im definitely going back for the purple shade if i dont end up splurging on a matching shade at MAC.

and thats it. i felt like saying it somewhere because i am so happy about it. hopefully i can go back and get more of these lipsticks soon . . . .