Friday, July 17, 2009

my body type

i have tried so many times to figure out my body type according to all of the magazine-provided body type issues. i really want to dress for my body type and it is a little frustrating not knowing what kind of clothes to wear.

pretty much my torso is a few inches longer than my legs, my shoulders and hips are the same width, id say i have a mini hourglass thing going cuz my waist is thinner than my hips/shoulders, and more on the petite side.

i always feel so blah in clothes though. anything even slightly baggy makes me look so thick and shirts always fit too short or too loose on me. its so discouraging. i feel like stores should arrange clothes according to body types. im serious; if i have a store one day im going to arrange by body types to make everything simple. ill be the one to reinstate a love of shopping in the world

lets see a picture vs body shapes image

baby hourglass? lol but really am i like a pear with smaller hips or what? cuz i feel like a banana mostly and thats so boring. i need tim gunn to help me =[