Wednesday, July 22, 2009

holy cow

so that thing they say about eyebrows framing your face IS TRUE! my mom has been penciling her eyebrows on for decades and i always knew they were unrealistic but oh my gosh.

i decided to show her what normal eyebrows would look like, because her wedding is coming up and she wants to get nice eyebrow makeup for the day and pictures. [what she normally draws is on your left and what i drew is on your right fyi]


her face is shifted a tad more towards the camera on the right [her left] and her clipped up bangs are actually not perfectly aligned, but everything else concerning her face is normal. she is not tilting her head whatsoever. how insane is it that this one [imperfectly drawn] eyebrow made the whole half of her face look like 5-10 years younger??? her eyes look bigger and more open, her cheekbone is more defined, her cheeks look tighter, and i dont even know what else but these results are completely fabulous and a little mindblowing!

crazy . . .