Tuesday, July 28, 2009

holy ocean

On record, humans have explored up to 10,916 meters (35,814 feet) deep, to Challenger Deep in the Marianas trench, which is the deepest known part of the Earth's oceans. That trench is the deepest known part of the ocean because we do not have the technology to explore further.

I do not know when more of the ocean will be explored but i can only hope that it is very soon because it really freaks me out that the ocean covers so much of the earth and we do not know what is in there.

ALSO, its hard not to have a mini freak out thinking that all of those stories from the sea could be true. all the stories about amazing monsters could very well be true and that something super crazy is actually happening at the bermuda triangle.

Everyone saw what crazy things washed up after the tsunami and what crazy things are being found washed up and uncovered in foreign countries. these creatures are probably out there and could be, unbeknown to us, plotting to attack us for ruining their environment.

So until what is in the water is found, and possibly made peace with, i will not be taking a cruise or traveling by boat any time soon to avoid such peril.

and just saying, newborn kangaroos are 3/4 of an inch long so our giant squids could be their newborns. think about that next time youre in the ocean and cant see the ocean floor.