Wednesday, October 14, 2009


shame shame. there is no way jessica alba weighs the same as me and looks soooo different. so here's why:

retouched much?

from the yahoo article:
"The Daily Mail is reporting this morning that, in her new ads for Campari, the gorgeous, sexy, semi-real-looking actress Jessica Alba's body was airbrushed to appear small-waisted, big-boobed and essentially like my a first Barbie doll. Or a rib-less woman wearing a torture-device corset. Or a comic-book heroine. Or basically nothing like an actual, walking-on-the-planet now female form."

i agree. also, how sad for her/society. but, how happy for normal people to see how fake these ads are and to realize no one is really that "perfect"

also, also: that jumper wasnt doing her much justice anyways. you can totally tell she hot underneath the hideous, shapeless, white jumper they forced her to wear.