Thursday, October 1, 2009

fitness obsessed-- sometimes

so i know its bad to have yo-yo diets, and i do not diet in the first place, but my question is: where does yo-yo exercise plans fit into the healthy-not healthy spectrum?

i do yoga regularly when i get bored or my back hurts from sitting, so i do get in exercise [stretching, really] but i do not have a regimen. most of what happens is that i will regularly do my yoga and then for about a month or two before a big event i will work out a lot to see how toned i can get before the event. i never quite stick to following through with what ive started for reasons unknown to me.

now that halloween is around the corner and parties are starting in a couple weeks i really got down to the working out. ive started doing squats [three sets of 8 reps] calf raisers [one or two sets of 50 reps] my yoga [half-hour to an hour of several basic positions] and plank [30 secs]. seeing as how i am transitioning from no exercise to a decent amount i really hope my body goes into shock and tones up.

ill definitely have halloween pictures up so youll be able to see the results. as for before pictures, no thank you.

also, ive been sleeping one-three hours extra a night for the past couple days. im not sure if i feel more rested or have more energy when i sleep more. i do know that i am not tired or sleepy right now, and id like to think it is a very bad thing. i really need to be asleep by midnight more often. i should probably be drinking a hell of a lot more water too. im guessing if anything, itll at least help keep my skin clear for halloween and every-day-generally-nice purposes.

so im off to bed. goodnight and goodmorning