Friday, May 22, 2009

dear kath and kim,

"Kath & Kim," based on the Australian series of the same name, followed the fortysomething divorcée Kathy Day (played by "SNL" alum Molly Shannon), who thought she was finally about to have some time to herself to search for love. But when her narcissistic daughter, Kim (portrayed by Selma Blair of "Hellboy" fame), separated from her husband, she convinced her mom to let her move into Kath's tacky suburban Florida home. The house rules had changed, however, as Kath refused to cater to her bratty daughter's every whim like the good old days. There were plenty of fake nails, rhinestones, and big hair as these two over-the-top ladies took the suburbs by storm.

NBC ended up airing only 17 episodes (just short of a full 22-episode season) of "Kath & Kim" before giving it the boot. Though the Australian version of the show became quite a hit in Australia and both Shannon and Blair were spot-on as the wacky mother-daughter duo, the American adaptation was apparently lost in translation for U.S. audiences as many critics considered it unfunny and practically unwatchable -- something comedies, um, should not be.

i would like to say that it was a good run and you have been unfairly canceled. i watched you religiously and am devastated that you will not return to my thursday line-up next year. i can still remember every potentially gay, awesomely clothed, super bitchy, hilariously fabulous moment . . .

yahoo news claims critics found the show unfunny and unwatchable. i would like to respond to that with a "what the hell were you watching cuz kath and kim was ridiculously awesome"

you will be missed [tear]