Friday, December 11, 2009

packing plans


Im going to Mexico for the holidays and I am having a mini freak out about not having enough clothes for the trip. I do NOT want to be that person where in every vacation picture they are seen on different days wearing the SAME THING! I also really really hope I come up on some funds so that I can do some super last minute shopping [in between studying for finals of course] and make sure i have at least two weeks worth of outfits. Which is still dumb cuz im totally going to be there three weeks. Plus, there is a quince that I am going to and i need day/night clothes for in case we go out[side or to the taquero] cuz every event holds the same importance. DUH

SOOOOOOO I literally have three pairs of blue jeans and one pair of black jeans. That is four pairs of pants which is not enough, in case you had trouble interpreting data. I know that I can wash these clothes while there but how lame is it to have the same four pairs of jeans on an entire trip to a country you've never been to??? I KNOW!

On another note, I do have a multitude of t-shirts and tops so I won't be terribly depressing in portraits. I do have to say I do not want to bring these shirts because if something should happen to my luggage on the way there or after arriving I would have no clothes to wear in Mexico but worse, I will have no shirts to wear when i get back from Mexico and I totally have school six days after I return... So I'm thinking I should stock up on tops at F21 or something so its cheap but semi nice and I still wont feel super bad if the shirts parish. Soooo I really do need to come up on that money afterall.

And my boyfriend, who I love so so much.... so so sooooo much ;), said he would like to buy me two pairs of shoes I've had my eyes on which would be pretty darn awesome.

[the shoes]

But anyways, I kind of really need a couple jackets for over there too and I haven't seen any I particularly like and I also really want that blazer from the new store in Cerritos mall but I don't know if they still have it and I have to see if Oscar will take me tomorrow and I totally need money to go anyways and UGH..... but I hope I can get it cuz it fit me so perfectly...

Like that one but I think it has two buttons instead of one, but it may have one. It fit me sooo well too I hope they have it cuz the Foreign Exchange site doesn't sell anything online yet /////sigh

So to recap, I am too excited to go to Mexico and I leave Wednesday and I am freaking out about packing. Hopefully I have some fundsssss