Thursday, March 26, 2009

i did that honey/mutmeg mask again tonight. it was on for over an hour and id put it on a bit thick this time. it felt so good while it dried and it came off leaving my face leaving so tight and smooth. i love it . . .

i have to take care of april and the puppy again in about 7 hours and i am not ready for it. i can have both of them together with me but one of them is always crying so i feel bad. i hope today goes as well as yesterday did. as long as april naps good i should be fine. im a little upset i have them from 8-6 though. its just so tiring watching them so long. it gets so boring and i just wait for things to happen. maybe we'll go for a walk. i can try at least.

and oscars coming by, which totally makes my day. we might go for a jog to tire me out. i really want to go the distance with it too if that isnt corny. i want to be really tired and then shower and just fall asleep too close to him. its so perfect in my head ^__^